Mermaid BBQ Company is a small-batch barbeque sauce company based out of Philadelphia, PA.  Since 1998, the folks at Mermaid BBQ have been turning people into sauce fanatics one bottle at a time.  All it will take is one bottle of our sauce and you’ll be hooked.  No, we’re not kidding.

We strive to provide the best-tasting, highest-quality sauces out there using the freshest ingredients and spices this side of the Mississippi.  We then ship it straight to you so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the fresh taste of Mermaid BBQ.  The best part is our sauces are vegan and most are gluten-free; so it’s perfect regardless of who is coming to your BBQ.  You’ll find people will always show up for dinner when you’re baking, grilling or stiring in our sauces.  In fact, even if you can’t cook, our sauces can turn your dishes into the best meals people have ever had.  Check out our Mermaid Recipes and Tips section on how to spice up your meals or perform a recipe rescue.  If we ever figure out how to cure world hunger or world peace with a bottle of Mermaid BBQ Sauce, we’ll put up a section about that, too.

But keep a close eye on your stash of Mermaid, because people have known to swipe a bottle or two.  Long standing feuds have been started over who finished the last bottle of Mermaid.  That’s because everyone loves the taste of Mermaid BBQ sauces!


The award-winning and addictive Original Mermaid BBQ Sauce was created in a kitchen in the Philadelphia suburbs.  Now you may be askin’ yourself what a city slicker from Pennsylvania might know about good BBQ.  Well plenty if they grew up in Tennessee!

The Original BBQ Sauce came about after a major brand name label stopped making our favorite barbeque sauce that truly “worked on anything”.  So we set out to make something even better.  After a few dozen test batches, and a lot of culinary ingenuity, the Original Mermaid BBQ sauce was born!

Well that sauce turned out so good, large batches were made to share with friends.  Once a year, the kitchen would be tied up for a day or more to make enough sauce to give out as gifts during the Christmas season.  But by Memorial Day, people who had coveted their precious bottles for the first cook out of the year would come back begging for more.  ”That sauce is so good, I’d pay you just to make me a batch,” they’d say.  And from that moment on, the sauce has practically been selling itself.

Our Sauces:

Mermaid BBQ Company still makes its Original BBQ Sauce the same way it did all those years ago.  It’s the perfect blend of a sweet and thick BBQ sauce with complex flavor and a nice twang of heat that sits on your tongue.  Try this sauce on any meat or vegetable; it even goes great on salads, eggs or tofu.

In 2008, we created our Backlash Sauce which still has the sweet and spicy goodness of our Original, but has an extra kick-in-the-teeth at the end.  Try this sauce if you love all things hot and spicy.

Perhaps you’re looking for a different flavor all together.  If so, then you’ll want to try ourPineapple Teriyaki BBQ Sauce*.  This is another one of our limited, micro batch sauces that has an awesome sweet and tangy taste made by blending pineapple and premium Teriyaki sauce to create a definite crowd pleaser.  Try this sauce grilled on fish, poultry, beef, pork or even stir fry vegetables.

In 2008, we also created our Mermaid BBQ Dry Rub for our own personal use in a local rib cook-off competition.  Our ribs unanimously won first place in two categories that day, so we figured we should share our secret rub with the public.  It goes perfectly with our Original BBQ Sauce.  Shake it on any meat or vegetables you like.  It is also a great way to spice up french fries!

* This product is not gluten free.

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